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Living Consciously vs. Living Unconsciously

Updated: Apr 15

The concept of “consciousness” has now been in the mainstream media’s eye for many years. The ideas of “practicing mindfulness,” “meditation,” and “self-awareness” are now common themes woven in our societies’ makeup. There are many available courses on self-improvement, retreats for well-being and restoration, and a plethora of informative social media/blog material to help people gain more insight on the subject of understanding one’s Self, in mind, body, and spirit.

I find that the simplest way to realize the concept of consciousness is to apply it as an adverb. (← Remember that from high school English class? 😊 )

To consciously live, rather than to unconsciously live.

Consciously is defined in the dictionary as “in a deliberate and intentional way.”

In our lifetime, it may seem that living life intentionally has its challenges. We have more screens to distract us. We generally take up more obligations as we get older. We could develop (either personally or through our upbringing) certain expectations of ourselves now and in years to come. Many times, it may seem that we just don’t have the time to spend on ourselves to get to know what we truly desire and want fulfilled in a day, let alone in our lives.

But the practice of living with intent can start in the smallest moment.

At the time you first open your eyes in the morning (or at night, depending on your schedule).

To take a few minutes before your mind or body start moving and FEEL that “Today will be a day of Ease. A day of feeling Happy and Excited.”

And if you’re feeling anxious or scarce for time, to FEEL and acknowledge that “Today will be a day of feeling Peace.”

The practice can start there, and can grow exponentially. It will blend into your most mundane tasks and into your most exhilarating and blissful moments. You’ll slowing but surely stop living life in reaction to things that worry you and start living a life that you’ve purposely created for your sheer delight.

It may not happen overnight, but then again, nothing in your reality occurred without the thought, feeling, and action that created it first, including the things you dislike.

Thoughts of scarcity, worry, or despair create fearful feelings and actions that lead to

dis-ease, while thoughts of freedom, love, harmony, and joy will create uplifted feelings and actions to lead to ease in your waking moments.

It’s a simple concept in theory, but not always in practice. However, just having a practice allows us the flexibility and assurance that we can continue to strive for our preferences and start again and again the next morning. ♡

With Love, Encouragement, Wholeness, and Balance,


PS: A happy byproduct of living consciously is that many of the perceived problems in your life will disappear. With less attention on worrisome thoughts of doubt and alarm, you’ll naturally perceive your life more optimistically and will intuitively notice more opportunities arising towards well-being.

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