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Discover the ABCs of Yoga:
Breath, Body, Connection

Enrich the lives of your clients or employees with a wellness style workshop.

Ignite productivity, reduce stress, and enhance well-being while learning the simple and transformative ABCs of Yoga.

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What's Included: 

Airway Mastery Workshop (30 minutes): Discover the art of breathwork. Learn how to harness the power of your breath for mental clarity, emotional balance, and revitalized energy.

Body Exploration (1 hour): Dive into the world of Yoga asanas. This session will take you on a journey of physical wellness, teaching you poses that enhance flexibility, strength, and awareness.

Connection Consciousness (30 minutes): Engage in an immersive guided meditation and energy work to connect with your higher self. This powerful session helps you tap into your innate energy, promoting mental and spiritual alignment for holistic well-being.

Bonus: Closing Q&A Session & Team Reflection and Resolution Discussion (30 minutes):  This dedicated segment is designed to foster greater understanding, communication, and resolution within your team. Together, we'll navigate challenges and develop effective strategies to enhance team cohesion and harmony.

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Key Benefits of the ABCs of Yoga Workshop

  • Enhanced Productivity: Mindful breathing and physical activation can boost focus and productivity.

  • Reduced Stress: The techniques taught in this retreat promote relaxation, helping to manage and reduce workplace stress.

  • Improved Physical Health: Through Yoga asanas, participants will promote fitness, relieve physical tension, and improve overall well-being.

  • Increased Emotional Balance: Mindful breathing and meditation techniques aid in balancing emotions and boosting mental health.

  • Improved Team Cohesion: Shared experiences and deeper connections fostered during the retreat can enhance team cohesion and harmony.

Meet Nalita Devi:

Your Guiding Light to Health and Wellness

With a decade of experience in health and wellness, I have dedicated my life to helping others unlock their full potential for physical and emotional well-being.


My diverse background and qualifications make me uniquely equipped to guide you on this transformative journey:

  • BS in Health Sciences from UCF (2010)

  • MMS in Physician Assistant Studies from NSU (2013)

  • Certified Holistic Health Professional from TSNH (2017)

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (300 hours) in Hatha Yoga (2017)

  • Certified NASM Stretch and Flexibility Coach (2022)

  • Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (2021)

Over the years, I have successfully assisted hundreds in alleviating physical and emotional hardships. Using the tools of yoga, breathwork, and holistic health coaching, I am here to guide your team towards greater mobility, reduced stress, and a revitalized approach to life.


​Featured in: 


A Seamless Integration.

An Investment in Well-being.

An easily integrated program into an existing wellness initiatives or can serve as a standalone event.


Perfect for retreats, corporate wellness events, or team-building exercises.

We also can provide necessary materials, including additional yoga mats, if required.

This offering goes beyond just a workshop;

it's an investment in the health, unity, and productivity of your entire team.


For up to 10 participants = $400 flat rate

For up to 20 participants = $500 flat rate

For groups larger than 20 = $30 per participant (Minimum of 20 participants required)

Ready for Transformation?

Click the button below to fill out a brief intake form.

This helps us tailor our approach to meet your team's unique needs and expectations.

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